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Salal CU Introduces Mobile Check Deposit

We just made managing your money even easier

You already love Salal's Mobile app--now we've gone and made it better by adding Mobile Check Deposit (MCD). Now you can deposit a check to your account nearly anywhere, at any time. All you need is your smartphone, an Internet connection, and our Mobile app. (And a check, of course.)

Ready to get started?

If you already have our Mobile app, you may need to update it on your device. If you don't have our app yet, you can download it on your device's app store: just search for "Salal."

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers) to help you get going:

Who can use Salal's Mobile Check Deposit?

If you are a Salal member in good standing, and you have an Internet-enabled smartphone or tablet, you can use the service.

With which devices can I use Mobile Check Deposit?

Apple Devices:

  • iPhone 3gs or newer running iOS 4.3 or higher
  • iPad 2 or newer running iOS 4.3 or higher

Android Devices:

  • Android phones and tablets running Android 2.1 or higher

Is the mobile app free with Mobile Check Deposit?

Yes, the mobile app is free to download and use; however, users will need to check with their cell phone provider for information regarding data charges they may accrue.

How long will it take to see the deposit in my account when I use Mobile Check Deposit?

You should see the deposit in your account immediately after getting the "Deposit Submitted" popup. If the deposit(s) total(s) more than $200.00 in a single day, only $200.00 will be made immediately available.

How long will holds last on deposits made using Mobile Check Deposit?

A two-business-day hold will be placed on funds that exceed $200.00 in a single business day. Note – holds may be extended if we have reason to believe the check may not be credited by the issuing financial institution.

For more FAQs, click here.

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