Salal Credit Union

Shared Branches and ATMs


Through the CO-OP ATM Network, you have coast-to-coast access to nearly 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs. That’s more ATM locations than Chase, Bank of America, or Wells Fargo.*

Just look for the CO-OP Network logo on participating credit union ATMs as well as self-service branch kiosks, available in most 7-Eleven stores**.

What does “surcharge-free” mean?
“Surcharge-free” means you will not be charged to use the machine, either by Salal (we never charge our members for using ATMs we don’t own) or the owner of the ATM.

What is shared branching?

Shared branching is a network of 3,500 credit unions nationwide who belong to CO-OP Financial Services. Through CO-OP, these credit unions can offer their members convenient account access, consistent service, and peace of mind.

There are over 6,000 shared branches across the U.S. where you can make the following transactions:

  • Deposits. Funds deposited to your account may not be available immediately. This depends on your “home” credit union’s hold policy. Please check with them before making your first shared branching deposit, as the shared branch you visit will not be able to lift any holds.
  • Withdrawals. There are limitations to the amount of cash members may withdraw daily.
  • Money transfers between accounts.
  • Loan payments and advances.

What you should know before you visit a shared branch as a guest member

When you visit a participating shared branch that is not your own credit union, you’ll be asked to present current (not expired), valid federal- or state-issued identification.

You will also be asked to provide your member or account number as it appears on your statement for all transactions. Additional verification may be necessary to complete transactions in some instances. CO-OP requires this extra precaution in order to further enhance account security.

Certain fees and restrictions may apply to services and transactions. These fees are set by your home credit union, the credit union you visit as a guest, and the CO-OP network.

CO-OP fees are as follows:

  • Check withdrawals: $5.00 each
  • Fax request (first page, if available): $3.00
    • Each additional page: $1.00
  • Money orders (if available): $3.00 each Travelers checks (if available): 1% of face value
    • — Dual signature: 1.5% of face value
  • Photocopies (if available): $0.50 each
  • Indemnification agreement: $25.00 each
  • Check deposit: FREE
    • — 16 or more checks per deposit: $0.20 per check
  • Rolled coin (if available) purchased or deposit: $0.25 per roll
    • —  Coin machines may charge a percentage of amount
  • Notary (if available): posted fee as allowed by state law
  • Research of items: determined by your “home” credit union
  • Visa and/or MasterCard cash advance (if available): may include card issuer fee

Find CO-OP network ATMs and shared branches:

*as of June 2015 and based on claims made at bank websites
** 7-Eleven kiosks no longer accept check deposits