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Achieve Financial Stability with Personalized Credit Goals

If you’re like most people, you probably know that having a good credit score is important for your financial stability. But did you know you can now set personalized credit goals to help you achieve that stability even faster?

Introducing the “Credit Goals” feature in the SavvyMoney dashboard within Digital Banking. This feature is designed to help you set specific credit goals that align with your financial aspirations and keep you on track towards achieving them.

To access this feature, all you have to do is log into your Digital Banking account and click on “Credit Goals” in the main sub-navigation menu on your SavvyMoney dashboard. From there, you can input your desired credit score and the timeline for achieving it.

Once you’ve set your goals, you’ll receive personalized recommendations to help you reach them. You can track your progress along the way and adjust your goals if necessary to ensure that you stay on stay on pace towards reaching your credit score target.

Setting up your personalized goals is quick and easy, and it’s a great way to take control of your financial future. So, if you’re ready to take the first step, log into your Digital Banking account now and check out the new “Credit Goals” feature.

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