Salal Credit Union

POSaBIT Payment Platform for Cannabis Retailers

POSaBIT is a trusted payment platform for state-licensed retail stores to accept debit or credit cards.

POSaBIT provides an easy way for your customers to use their debit cards in store, reducing safety and compliance risks while increasing average basket size. They are currently processing money for customers in over 20 states.

POSaBIT provides a best-in-class point of sale solution, and is the leading cashless payment provider for cannabis retailers. They work tirelessly to build better financial services and transaction methods for merchants, bringing cutting-edge technology to the cannabis industry so that all merchants can have a safe and compliant set of services.

Customer Benefits:

  • Normalize cannabis retail with debit card purchases
  • No third-party apps or confusing instructions: it just works
  • No longer limit purchases and tips to cash on hand

Cannabis Retailer Benefits:

  • The average POSaBIT ticket is more than double the average cash ticket
  • Increase basket size, reduce safety risks of cash
  • Compliance at core
  • Customers appreciate the convenience of paying with debit
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