Salal Credit Union

POSaBIT Payment Platform for Cannabis Retailers

POSaBIT is a trusted payment platform for state-licensed retail stores to accept debit or credit cards.

POSaBIT provides an easy way for your customers to buy cryptocurrency and then use it to instantly purchase your products in-store. They are currently processing money monthly for their partner merchants in the states of Washington, Colorado, California, and Nevada.

Most major card brands allow transactions for cryptocurrency. This transaction remains separate from any subsequent cannabis purchases. POSaBIT settles with their merchants in U.S. dollars, they are a registered Money Services Business, and have Money Transmitter licenses in all states that require them.

Customer Benefits:

  • Conveniently purchase and spend digital currency in-store.
  • No need to download a 3rd party app​.
  • Seamless checkout experience with minimal fees.

Cannabis Retailer Benefits:

  • The average POSaBIT ticket is more than double the average cash ticket.
  • Increased security with less cash to handle and transport.
  • Customers appreciate the convenience of paying with plastic.
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