Salal Credit Union

CanPay Debit Solution for Cannabis Retailers

CanPay is the first legitimate debit payment solution for cannabis retailers.

With CanPay, you can finally give your customers a more convenient way to pay for their cannabis purchases in a safer shopping environment. Using the free CanPay Debit Payment App, they can avoid the hassle of carrying cash or paying expensive ATM fees. Payments are taken from their checking account and are deposited to your Salal business account. It’s that easy.

Customer Benefits:

  • No need to carry large amounts of cash.
  • Money saved on bank and ATM fees.
  • Flexibility to decide on purchases at the point of sale, instead of planning them out in advance.

Cannabis Retailer Benefits:

  • Increased security with less cash to handle and transport.
  • More upsell opportunities to customers who will have easier access to their funds.
  • Ability to conduct business in your DBA name through the fully transparent payment network.
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