Salal Credit Union

Hypur Electronic Solutions for Cannabis Retailers

Hypur is a leading provider of dedicated cannabis bank compliance technology.

Built by a team of banking and payment experts, Hypur Pay creates a completely touch-less transaction and improves safety by eliminating the need to handle cash. It’s a direct ACH transfer from customer to your business, so you know you’ll get your money. Hypur doesn’t use workarounds like crytocurrency or pre-paid cards so it’s simple, fast and easy to use.

Customer Benefits:

  • Pay conveniently and quickly through the mobile app.
  • Pay confidently with top notch security.
  • Less cash and fee-free.

Cannabis Retailer Benefits:

  • Higher ticket sales. Customers are no longer limited to the amount of cash-on-hand or additional ATM fees.
  • Designed specially for this industry in full compliance with banking regulations.
  • Contactless payments for in-store, delivery, and curbside pick-up purchases.
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