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Check Your Credit Score for Free with SavvyMoney

Our new SavvyMoney feature in Mobile & Online Banking lets you check your credit score and credit report for free anytime you want. Your SavvyMoney credit monitoring tool kit not only makes it easier to track your credit, it helps you keep an eye out for identity theft and make better credit choices. Get personalized offers* for credit cards and loans that you may qualify for. And, most importantly, checking your credit score with SavvyMoney never hurts your credit.

Track Your Credit and Learn How to Boost Your Score

With SavvyMoney’s easy to use dashboard, you get comprehensive credit score analysis to help you better understand your score and how you can improve it. The SavvyMoney credit score tool shows you what factors are positively affecting your score, as well as specific areas you can address, such as total credit usage, to boost your score in the future.

An easy to read chart lets you track your score over time, and the Credit Monitoring feature allows you to turn on email alerts, so you know when something has changed in your credit report. You can also get useful tips and build your financial know-how with the Your Money Blog found under the “More” tab in the top menu options.

How to Start using SavvyMoney

To turn on SavvyMoney and start tracking your credit, simply log in to Salal Mobile or Online Banking and select the SavvyMoney widget. In Online Banking the widget will be in the top right on your main dashboard. In your Mobile Banking app the widget is in the main menu.

To turn on Credit Monitoring, go to the “Score” section within your SavvyMoney widget. Scroll down and find the “Credit Monitoring” option in the left column.

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*Due to differences between credit bureaus, credit scores listed in SavvyMoney may differ from those used for loan underwriting by Salal. Offers featured in SavvyMoney do not represent a guaranteed loan approval. All loans are subject to credit approval.