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Digital Banking Upgrades: What’s New and What’s Better

We recently made some new digital banking upgrades to your mobile and online experience. We basically never stop working on improvements to Mobile and Online Banking. Once one project is finished the next one has already begun. It’s all part of our ongoing quest to give you the most up-to-date tech and tools you need to easily manage your money 24/7.

It’s Now Easier to Save Money with a Balance Transfer

This is the upgrade we’re probably most excited about. (Yes, we’re a bit nerdy when it comes to these things, but hey, our job is to make our members’ lives easier.) Our new Balance Transfer feature within your Card Controls widget lets you transfer over your high-rate credit card balances to your Salal Visa and get a better rate. Sometimes way better.

And paying less interest means you are saving money, paying off your debt faster, and possibly even boosting your credit score. It may surprise some people, but we actually want to help our members pay off their credit cards—and generally be as financially healthy as possible. Because when you do well, we do well, and our communities thrive.

So yeah, we’re excited that it now only takes you a few quick steps to do a balance transfer and save money. We’d rather you used that money for something more fun that supports your local businesses, like taking your kids out for hot cocoa on a chilly winter afternoon. Doesn’t that sound better than paying interest? We think so.

What Else is New?

You may have noticed the last time you were in Mobile or Online Banking that some other features have a fresh look. We’ve updated the design of the Transfers, Mobile Check Deposit, and Bill Pay widgets. The new layouts make it easier to find what you’re looking for, get your banking done, and get on to more important things (like drinking hot chocolate with tiny humans while the snow falls outside).

We’ve also heard from many of you that you like the Mobile or Online Banking Alerts feature that helps you keep tabs on your money and know when something happens with your account. So, Alerts has its own widget and added a new alert option (returned check alert). Along with this, we’ve optimized the existing alert options so you can get them faster.

Not yet signed up for Mobile or Online Banking? Visit our Account Access page to learn more and find helpful tutorials.