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5 reasons to enroll in eStatements.

Five Great Reasons to Switch to eStatements Today

Have you considered switching to eStatements in the past, but you need just a bit more motivation? Well, you’re in luck because the Salal “Digital Motivation” team has assembled this helpful list of the top five reasons you should go paperless today.

#1: Save Some Trees and Help the Environment

When you go paperless, the environmental benefits of eStatements go beyond saving trees—because it takes energy to turn a tree into paper and more energy to get that paper to our printers (and even more energy to get that paper all the way to your mailbox). Last year, Salal members who use eStatements helped save:

  • Over 363,205 sheets of paper.
  • Over 32,500 of CO2 emissions.
  • Over 38,000 of water.
  • 3 million BTUs of total energy (equivalent to 55 residential refrigerators operated for a whole year).

Want to see more stats? Check out the environmental impact calculator we used and calculate some stats of your own.

#2: Protect Your Sensitive Information

Another important benefit of eStatements is that they offer enhanced security compared to paper statements. When you receive a paper statement in the mail, it can be lost or stolen, potentially exposing sensitive financial information to criminals. With eStatements, you can access your account info securely in Mobile or Online Banking. Or, to put it another way, the mail thieves can’t steal your statement envelope if there is no envelope.

#3: Faster Delivery

Last time we checked, the good folks at USPS can’t travel at the speed of light. However (see where we’re going here?), when your latest eStatement is ready, it will show up in Mobile and Online Banking just about instantly.   

#4: Instant Access to 12 Months of Statements 

Speaking of not waiting, when you enroll in eStatements you get 24/7 access to your last 12 months of Salal statements, ready to view, download, or print. Plus, a paper statement can be misplaced (or have coffee spilled on it or be carried away by a sudden gust of wind). Meanwhile, your eStatements will be right there waiting for you, neatly organized by month, definitely not drenched with coffee.

#5: It’s an Easy Win

Going paperless is fast and easy—which means it’s a fast and easy way to make a difference. Just log in to Mobile or Online Banking and find “eDocuments” under the “Accounts” tab and hit the “Subscribe” button. And that’s it, other than remembering to pat yourself on the back once a month for helping make the world a better place (see reason #1). 

Need a Little Help Getting Started?

Check out our helpful tutorial to get step-by-step instructions on how to enroll in eStatements. Not enrolled in Digital Banking? Click here to get started.

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