Salal Credit Union

Linked Accounts & Transfers

How to Set Up Transfers from Your Accounts at Other Financial Institutions

It’s easy to set up transfers to and from your accounts from other financial institutions to make loan payments, move funds between accounts, or send money to another Salal member.


Follow these steps for Instant Account Verification:

  • Click on the Transfers widget.
  • Under Make a Transfer click “Add an external account instantly to make a transfer”.
  • Select your external account financial institution.
  • Log in to account with the username and password of the external account.
  • If prompted to provide additional verification, i.e. SMS or email verification code, input the code to continue.
  • Select/deselect the accounts that should be added as eligible for transfers by selecting the radio buttons next to each account.
  • Submit your selected accounts for verification and addition.
  • Upon successful confirmation you will be able to select the account you would like to transfer to/from in the transfer widget instantly.

Not able to Instantly Verify your Account?
Follow these steps:

    • Click on the Transfers widget.
    • Under Make a Transfer click “Add an external account”.
    • Enter your external account information and click Save.
    • Verification is required, select how you want to verify and enter in your information or code.
    • You will then be asked to Confirm Your External Account.
    • Within 3 business days Salal will make 2 micro deposits in your external account. In order to verify an external account, Salal will need to make 2 small (under $1.00) deposits and 1 offsetting withdrawal, equal to the 2 small deposits, to the external account requested.
    • When the micro deposits appear, find the Pending External Account alert on your Dashboard and click Confirm. Find the account under ACH Accounts and click Confirm again.
    • Enter the micro deposit amounts in the Confirm Trial Deposits pop-up window.
    • Once the account is confirmed, it will reflect as “Open” on the Settings/Account page under the ACH Accounts content panel. You will now be able to transfer “TO” and “FROM” this account.


Linking Your External Accounts to See Transactions & Balances

Linking your external accounts allows you to monitor your balance and transactions on your accounts at other financial institutions. To link an external account, find the Link External Account section on the top right side of your Dashboard and click Get Started. Please note that in order to transfer funds between this Salal account and your external accounts, you will need to follow the instructions above to enable transfers from an external account.

To monitor all your accounts, visit our Account Aggregation page