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Exterior of our First Hill branch

Introducing Salal’s New Brand

We’re not the same company we were when we first changed our name from Group Health to Salal Credit Union in 2010. Over the past five years, we’ve become smarter, more responsive, and willing to try new things. We’ve developed new product lines, expanded our services, and improved technology with one goal in mind: make money management easy for members. Our focus on our members drives us forward. You have inspired us to update our look with a new brand and a new logo to better reflect who we are in 2015 and who we want to be moving forward.

Our New Brand

The new Salal logo emphasizes our long history of serving those who work in the healthcare industry by putting the spotlight on the plant after which we are named. Salal is a beautiful, sturdy evergreen plant found abundantly in the Pacific Northwest. It was once an essential food source for indigenous people and was valued for its medicinal properties. Our logo represents our commitment to strengthening our community by being a vital financial resource.

Refreshed Branch Design

Startrefreshed branch interior designsing with First Hill, we’re refreshing our branch interiors with our new brand identity. We’re using textures, patterns, and colors that better complement our natural surroundings, creating an inviting and familiar space. We want you to feel at home any time you visit us.

The layouts in our branches are also changing to support a more efficient way to conduct member transactions so that you spend less time waiting in line and more time either relaxing or getting on with your day. We’re working on eliminating visual and physical clutter to maintain a stress-free environment. If you’re a frequent branch visitor, you’ll noticed we have reduced the amount of paper we produce.