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Partnering to Prevent Housing Insecurity

Far too many people in the communities we serve are experiencing housing insecurity. Housing insecurity can take many forms, including having trouble paying rent, living in overcrowded conditions, having to move frequently, living in unsafe conditions, or having no consistent access to housing at all. Experiencing housing insecurity can take a toll on a person’s physical and mental health and has an even greater effect on children.

It’s a complex challenge. It will take entire communities working together to really make an impact. That is why Salal has made housing insecurity one of the four main focuses of our charitable giving. Every year Salal provides support to innovative organizations around the U.S. that are working to improve the lives of people facing housing insecurity, and by extension, the well-being of entire neighborhoods and communities.

The Difference Your Membership Makes

Thanks to Salal members and members of the Salal Foundation, we’re able to provide financial support to help address and prevent housing insecurity. Our primary partner in this effort over the last few years has been Rebuilding Together, an organization that works all over the country to make essential, no-cost repairs to help community members stay in their homes.

Recently, we’ve been proud to provide support for Rebuilding Together’s She Builds program. Women-led and women-focused, She Builds provides critical repairs for women-headed households and women-focused community spaces. The program empowers women to maintain safe and healthy homes, make a difference in their neighborhoods, and at the same time build a supportive community network.

Over the past year, Salal and the Salal Foundation provided in support to Rebuilding Together, including six $11k grants for She Builds programs in Los Angeles; San Francisco; Palo Alto, CA; Berkeley, CA; Olympia, WA; and Tacoma, WA.

To learn more about the impact Salal members are making, visit our Community Impact page or check out our 2021 Annual Report.