Sometimes it makes good sense to take a second look at your home loan. Call, visit a branch, or contact us online, and let us help you work through our "Right Time for a Re-fi" questionnaire.


You may be able to:

  • Reduce your monthly payment and overall interest by refinancing to a lower rate
  • Exchange an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) for a fixed-rate loan
  • Convert your equity to cash for debt consolidation, home improvements, or a special occasion or event
  • Reduce the number of years left on your loan by refinancing to a shorter term*

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*All Salal loans are subject to credit approval.

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For information on subordination, click DOT Subordination requirements and UCC Subordination Requirements.

Physician's Mortgage

Our Physician's Mortgage* is designed specifically for busy doctors and doctors-to-be.

  • For physicians only (doctors, dentist, optometrists, etc.)--licensed or in residency/fellowship.
  • Purchases/refinances up to 95% Loan-to-Value (LTV) with no Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI) required.
  • Student loans not considered in debt-to-income ratio calculations.
  • Adjustable rates with several term options.

*All Salal loans are subject to credit approval.

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