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COVID 19 Rebuilding Together Repair Grants

COVID 19 Emergency Repair Grants

This past year, we strived to be able to better support our members and communities during these challenging times. In partnership with Rebuilding Together, we provided nine $5,000 COVID 19 Emergency Repair grants to urgent repair needs during the COVID 19 pandemic. With this funding, 11 homes were repaired in 10 communities. Critical repairs included personal protective equipment replenishment, roof repair/replacement, ramp installation, HVAC replacement, gutter replacement, light fixture replacement, grab bar installations, and window insulation replacement.

We’re spotlighting Teofila, who is 100 years old and now has a better ability to age in place. She is a retired nanny/housekeeper and has owned her home since 1961. Her 58-year-old son, Chris, and 26-year-old granddaughter, Bianca, live with her. This family is a multi-racial Hispanic family and all three family members struggle with health issues. At 100 years old, Teofila has limited physical mobility and uses a wheelchair, Chris has cancer and Bianca is autistic. Due to Chris’s cancer, he is unable to work and is on medical leave from his job at an import/export business. The family loves their home of 60+ years and, with these repairs, they plan to remain there.

Given Teofila’s age and Chris and Bianca’s needs, the repairs provided were critical to their ability to remain safely in the home. Most importantly, Rebuilding Together installed a ramp that leads into the home so Teofila can safely enter and exit. Rebuilding Together also repaired leaks in the roof and the associated water damage and mold issues. These repairs will help the family reside in the home longer, and provide wheelchair access for Teofila so she can safely leave the home for medical appointments. The roof repair will stop water leaks and will stop the spread of mold in the home. Recently, the home had an electrical fire that caused severe damage. Rebuilding Together assisted with some of the repairs. The family took out a loan to repair the damage from the fire, and they are still paying for the loan. The payments on that loan prohibited them from seeking another loan for the roof repairs and ramp installation.

Neighbors who receive services report better physical mobility and the ability to take care of their homes. To learn more about Rebuilding Together, visit TheSalalFoundation.org.