Salal Credit Union

Tips For A Smooth Home Loan Process

After You’re Pre-approved

Getting pre-approved is a really important first step in getting into your dream home. But there are a few other measures to take to help make the loan closing process run smoothly. See the list below for some useful tips for this stage of the home buying experience.

  • Keep your financial situation consistent to help avoid financing delays
  • Keep working at your current employer
  • Stay at your current residence
  • Continue to use your credit cards as usual and stay current on payments
  • Stick with your existing bank accounts
  • Postpone buying furniture or any other major purchases, like a vehicle
  • Set aside enough money to pay for closing costs
  • Hold off on taking out a new loan or co-signing a loan for anyone
  • Provide clear documentation and a paper trail if making any unusually large withdrawals or deposits
  • Contact your mortgage advisor right away if your financial situation changes