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Community Impact

The Difference Your Membership Makes

The benefits of Salal membership go beyond good rates, low fees, and dedicated personal service. We’re committed to giving 5% of our annual income to help people and causes in the communities we serve. Because we know many small actions, when added together, can make big impacts. Every Salal member plays a part in making this impact, simply by doing your banking or financing with Salal.

2021 Community Giving Chart


Giving Highlights

At Salal, we aim to make a difference for good in our communities, both through our targeted charitable giving and financial products that empower positive change. Our approach centers on four main areas of focus: healthcare, housing insecurity, social equity, and renewable energy. Below are just a few of the many causes we were proud to support in 2021.


Medical students work on a project together

The pandemic has reminded us of the vital role our healthcare professionals play in our communities. In 2021, Salal continued our 70+ year commitment to healthcare professionals, including $29,000 in funding for King County Nurses Association. Our support for KCNA helped fund scholarships, as well as a unique nurses-driven grants program. This program let nurses address specific needs they saw among the people they serve, such as providing high-quality masks to low-income mothers and their families to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Housing Insecurity

Female Plumber Working To Fix Leaking Sink In Home Bathroom

As part of our ongoing partnership with Rebuilding Together, Salal and the Salal Foundation helped support the She Builds program. Women-led and women-focused, She Builds, provides critical repairs for women-headed households and women-focused community spaces to empower them to maintain safe and healthy homes, make a difference in their communities, and build a supportive community network.

Renewable Energy

Human hand touching solar panel

Part of our support for renewable energy this past year included $40,000 for GRID Alternatives, an organization that works to build community-powered solutions to advance economic and environmental justice through renewable energy. Salal’s financial support enabled GRID Alternatives to install solar power for four households, providing access to no-cost solar energy in low-income communities. Three of these installations were in California, one was in Colorado. Salal’s funding also supported GRID’s Collegiate Solar Spring Break Conference where 100 students gained skills for job finding in the solar industry, interacted with solar industry professionals, and learned how social injustice relate to current trends in climate and environmental injustices.

Social Equity

women carrying moving boxes

Through our partnership with DAWN, a domestic violence support and prevention agency based in King County, WA, we helped 42 domestic violence survivors. Our $15,000 in funding provided grocery and gas cards, helped to cover utility bills, and provided moving expenses so families could start a new life free from violence. The funds also allowed DAWN to keep several families in their homes by providing rental assistance.


The Salal Foundation

The Salal Foundation supports organizations that work to build vibrant and sustainable communities and to promote a clean energy future. 2021 provided a meaningful impact to the communities we serve from assisting homeowners in making vital repairs and improving the livability of their homes, to advancing the solar power industry and creating local economic opportunities. We’re dedicated to improving lives and promoting prosperity to help your communities thrive. To learn more about Salal Foundation stories, visit TheSalalFoundation.org.

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