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on a 13-month CD

on a 7-month CD

See How Much You Could Earn

  3.50% APY 4.25% APY
Initial Deposit ($) 7-Month 13-Month
$5,000 $101 $230
$10,000 $202 $460
$25,000 $504 $1,149
$50,000 $1008 $2,298
$75,000 $1,511 $3,448
$100,000 $2,015 $4,597

Assumptions assume 30 days per month and monthly interest is reinvested in the CD. Results in the table are rounded to the nearest dollar. Actual earnings may vary.

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*APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Minimum balance $1,000. Rates and offer subject to change. APY accurate as of 11/5/2022. Offer available on consumer certificates of deposit for a limited time only. At maturity, unless you direct otherwise during the 10-day grace period, the 7-month certificate will renew into a standard 6-month certificate; the 13-month promotional certificate will renew into a standard 12-month certificate. A penalty may be imposed for early withdrawal. Offer not eligible for Salal Rewards Points. Salal Credit Union membership required.

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